Islington Irish Culture Trail

Join us on St. Patrick's Day 2022 for an Islington Irish Culture Trail across the borough of Islington thanks to Islington Council.

St Joseph’s Church N19 5NE

St Joseph’s Church, N19 5NE

Founded in the 1850s, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church has been an important location for the local Irish social and spiritual life. The church social clubs used to hold Irish dancing activities as well as others. Irish children who had financial difficulties were also given the opportunity of education at the church’s school. Father Christopher Kelly was one of the prominent Irish faith leaders at the Church in the 20th Century.

Whittington Hospital N19 5NF

Whittington Hospital, N19 5NF

Since the Windrush generation, Irish nurses have played an important role in the NHS. Whittington Hospital is a prime example. 85% of the nurses were Irish around that time and depended heavily on Irish migrants who settled in the area after WWII. Ethel Corduff, an Irish nurse in the UK for more than 40 years, writes about their dedication in her new book ‘Ireland’s Loss Britain’s Gain’. She accounts for how Irish nurses filled the vacancies when the war took so many of Britain’s own and the hospital continues to have strong links to Ireland today.

Archway Tavern N19 3TD

Archway Tavern N19, 3TD

Situated at the centre of Navigator Square, The Archway Tavern is a known as a meeting hub for the Irish community in the area dating back to the 1700s, with the current pub standing since 19th century. The site has witnessed the transformation of the neighbourhood over the centuries and continues to be a vibrant hub for the local community.

Flynn’s Public House N7 6JA

Flynn’s Public House, N7 6JA

Once the epicentre of the London Irish community, Islington pubs served as a gathering space for the Irish who emigrated out of necessity and gave the lonely souls a feeling of home and helped them settle into the community. Flynn’s Public House was one of them. Many of the pubs along Holloway Road have closed over the years. Nonetheless, locals still believe that Irish hospitality will continue to flourish in the area.

Victoria Public House N7 8DL

Victoria Public House, N7 8DL

Once the epicentre of the London Irish community, Irish Pubs in Islington served as a gathering space for people who emigrated out of necessity. The Victoria Public House was one of them. Irish Pubs in Islington bring visitors back in time, where people waltz to dancehall music.. It’s a place for Irish to experience a representation of home and meet friends. This pub is the heart of the music scene in Islington and regularly hosts Irish musicians.

Pentonville Prison N7 8TT

Pentonville Prison, N7 8TT

Oscar Wilde was imprisoned in this prison for a brief time here for homosexuality before being transferred to Wandsworth Prison; his last stint before regaining freedom. On leaving England, he continued writing about life in Pentonville and other prisons afterwards. Other famous Irish people who imprisoned here include the first President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera, as well as the republican Roger Casement, who was executed for treason.

Barnsbury Hall N1 1PN

Barnsbury Hall, N1 1PN

Barnbury Hall is where Michael Collins, an Irish politician leading Irish independence in early 20th century, gave nationalist speeches. He was sworn in as a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in November 1909 at Barnsbury Hall, which was Ireland’s secret oathbound society. Secret meetings were held at the venue.

BIslington and London City Office N1 2UD

Islington and London City Office, N1 2UD

The first building phase of Islington town hall was completed in 1922. The entire complex was finished alongside Islington Assembly Hall in 1929.  The building includes nuclear bunkers built during the Cold War. It has become a gathering spot for Arsenal Football Club parades who also have a strong Irish following in London and Ireland.

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