Legal Advocacy Service

We are able to offer assistance to our clients with respect to a number of legal issues they might encounter.

Thanks to financial support from Trust for London, we are able to provide full support and representation in relation to appeals against decisions which are heard by various different types of tribunals.  

Most of our work is in relation to appeals against disability benefit decisions and other welfare appeals, but we can assist with others including criminal injuries compensation appeals. 

Due to the regulation of the legal profession, there are certain activities we cannot undertake and proceedings we cannot assist with, mainly involving a legal issue that would be dealt with by a court rather than a tribunal (although we can assist with limited types of small claims in the County Court).  

Where we cannot directly assist, we can draw on our knowledge of other organisations such as solicitor firms and law centres that are authorised to provide these services, and direct clients to someone that can help them with legal issues of this type. 

Requiring free legal advice? Please get in touch with the London Irish Centre

If our Legal Advocate can be of assistance, please call 020 7916 2222 or email [email protected]  

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