Survivors Integrated Service Partners

Organisations that support Irish survivors in Britain

The survivors integrated service is fully funded by Emigrant Support Programme (ESP), with the following organisations also supporting Irish survivors across Britain.

ICAP, Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy

ICAP is the only specialist British-based counselling and psychotherapy service supporting people from the Irish community facing a range of emotional issues, including depression, anxiety and stress. They have particular expertise in working with those who have survived childhood and offer a free therapy service to survivors of institutional abuse.

Irish in Britain

Irish in Britain acts as a membership body for various groups around Britain that support the Irish Community. As a body, they have many assets, but fundamentally their goal is to support the needs of the Irish diaspora, and together with their partner organisations, to represent and champion Irish culture and identity.

Their membership is made up of over 100 organisations and societies around Britain. Irish in Britain supports these organisations and enables them to provide the Irish community with the support they need. This is done through training programmes, consistent communication with groups and individuals and a structured network of organisations that span the entire region.

The community development and research they do with their partner organisations supports the Irish community’s needs around health and wellbeing, cultural identity, welfare and benefits, and political campaigning and advocacy.


A partnership between Irish Community Care (based in Liverpool and connecting communities across the North-West), Irish Community Care Manchester and Leeds Irish Health and Homes.

These organisations have been supporting the Irish community in Merseyside and the North-West for the past 50 years. They deliver support services and advice to Irish individuals and families, and focus also on the needs of the Irish travelling community in the North-West.

Their work is focused on welfare/benefit queries, legal advocacy, repatriation/ Irish passport applications, the promotion of cultural activities, and research into Irish heritage and history. They also support young people in education and seek to include isolated elderly Irish communities around the North-West.

They provide crucial work with survivors and former residents of Irish institutions, a project that continues to grow in scope and in partnership with organisations around the UK and Ireland. Read more about their work.

Fréa’s work is also supported by volunteers through the CARA: Irish Communities Together initiative.

Coventry Irish Society

Coventry Irish Centre provides a service to all generations of the Irish community in Coventry and the surrounding areas. They provide a wide range of health and welfare services, and a variety of cultural and heritage projects, including a St. Patrick’s day Festival.

Their focus is on helping the most vulnerable members of the Irish community in Coventry and they act as a ‘gateway’ enabling Coventry’s Irish community to access other mainstream services. A fundamental aim for the Society is to promote a sense of Irish identity and to promote Irish heritage and culture within the city.

They provide crucial work with survivors and former residents of Irish institutions.

If you live in the Coventry region, and were born and/or resided in a Mother and Baby Home or County Homes institution in Ireland, please contact their Manager, Simon McCarthy. Simon can support you with information and advocacy around the upcoming payment scheme.

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