Irish Passports

Passport Applications: What you need to know!

Online passport applications?

You can either renew your old passport or do a new application for yourself or your child, by visiting the Irish Passport site.

There is a step-by-step process which you will be guided through for each of these.

What do I need?


You will need the following documents to complete a renewal:

  • Your old Irish passport
  • Digital passport photo
  • Email Address
  • Card to pay for your renewal – the current cost for a basic passport book is 90 Euros

This takes about 15 minutes to complete online. Please note that if your passport is more than 5 years old you may have to do a new application.

New Application

This process takes a little longer and you will need to post the documents to the passport office once the online part is completed.

  • Digital passport photo
  • Email Address
  • Your original Irish birth certificate – if you are Irish born
  • One form of ID – driving licence, UK passport, UK ID card or Freedom pass (older persons)
  • Your father or mothers birth certificate – if you are second generation Irish
  • For mothers, you also need their marriage certificate
  • 2 proofs of address – this can be your driving licence if you have one, utility bill or bank statement
  • Card to pay for your renewal – the current cost for a basic passport book is 90 Euros
 Children’s Application
  • Parents birth certificate
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Digital passport photo
  • Verification of Identity (see What happens next) which must be signed by both parents
  • Current cost is 20 Euros

Things to know about photos:

The Irish system can be very sensitive with photos. They do not always accept the ones you get through photo machines, so it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

To get the most appropriate photo and to increase your chances of the system accepting them, please use the following companies recognised by the Irish passport office as they will give you a code which you can then input into the system during your application.

What happens next?


You will hear from the passport office if they need further information.

New Applications
  • You will print out the Verification of Identity form which you will see at the end of your application.
  • This will need to be signed by a witness (see below)
  • You will then post all your original documents by recorded post to the Irish Passport Office
  • You will need to keep an eye on your emails as the passport office may need you to confirm some details.
Children’s Application
  • Same as above, but both parents’ details will be needed for the application and the Verification of Identity form will need to be signed by both parents.

How do I get a passport witnessed?

Check who can witness your passport here.

We also have a passport witness at the London Irish Centre who can do this for you if you book an appointment in advance.

When am I entitled to an Irish passport?

There are some complexities around this, but the general rule of thumb is that if you or your parents were Irish citizens at the time of your birth, you are entitled to an Irish passport.

If your grandparents were Irish citizens at the time of your birth, you will need to apply through the foreign birth registry to become an Irish citizen.

You can do this here: check your entitlement to an Irish passport.

The LIC does not accept responsibility for confirming your entitlement, so please do check this with the passport office directly if you are in any doubt.

What if I can’t afford to pay for my passport?

If you cannot afford to pay for your passport application, please don’t worry. You can apply for one of our hardship grants to help with that. You will need to provide proof of income and a bank statement to apply for a grant support, see more details.

If you have any other queries or need more information, please contact the passport office directly: all contact details are here.

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