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For millions of people over the past 65 years the Centre has been both a haven and a beacon, bringing a taste of Irish community and culture to this global city.

We want to reimagine, redevelop and reposition the London Irish Centre as a world-class community and cultural centre. The London Irish Centre Team is committed to ensuring that any redevelopment will continue to meet the needs of those whom it serves, now and in the coming years. We want to continue to be a destination to foster friendship and support networks, and a place to celebrate Irish heritage, culture and community.

The London Irish Centre building currently faces a number of challenges that can be addressed through our proposed redevelopment:

  • The building is poorly laid out, the three original homes which form the front of the Centre were constructed in 1850. Further major additions were made as resources and funding permitted, however, the building was never planned out for future use and consequently a large volume of space is wasted
  • The building now requires serious repair works and many of the facilities need intensive maintenance having come to the end of their useful life
  • With increased pressure on our services the Centre needs to find new ways of supporting our work in the community
  • There is no full disabled access, and while improvements have been made, there is still work that needs to be done to make the building more accessible
  • The building is not energy efficient, and without serous improvements will continue to require costly maintenance
  • Multiple entrances and exits have led to increasing security issues
  • In its current form the Centre has poor event infrastructure, with sound and I.T. equipment in need of considerable improvements

Timeline & Updates

September 2020: Camden Council’s Planning Committee has unanimously approved plans to redevelop the historic premises of the London Irish Centre.

March 2020: A full planning application was made to Camden Council to go through the planning process.

July 2019: We held a Community Consultation with members of the local area to discuss our plans to redevelop the London Irish Centre to give them an opportunity to ask questions/raise any concerns that they had.


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If you have any ideas or feedback on how we can help make our building a true world-class community and cultural centre, then please contact our team by calling 020 7916 2222 or emailing [email protected] 

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