Tom Goddard

Tom Goddard

Board of Trustees

Tom is a media professional with a particular specialism in digital and traditional out of home media. He is a shareholder and Director of a number of private media companies including the following which he chairs: Ocean Outdoor; Buzzbike; Marketing Force and Outdoor Media Advisory.

He is President of FEPE International, a Director of Atlantic Media and a Senior Advisor to Highstead Partners and acts in an advisory role for several UK and US based Private Equity houses.

Until 2007 he was Chief Executive Officer for CBS Outdoors’s International division, overseeing a team of over 2,500 employees across Europe and Asia, with revenues of approx. $800m posted in 2006.

Prior to his seven-year term at CBS he worked (at C.E.O. level) for several major UK and International Out of Home Media companies including Viacom, Metro Advertising and Maiden Outdoor.

Recently he was the lead Executive Producer on a full-length feature film called Gholam ( which was premiered at the EEFF (East End Film Festival) and plans to become more active in this Arena.

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