Arts & Culture Events

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our upcoming Arts, Theatre & Comedy Events.

All Folk’d Up 14/10/2023 8:00pm View Event
Derek Ryan 07/10/2023 8:00pm View Event
I Have A Tribe 16/11/2023 8:30pm View Event
Jape 10/11/2023 8:30pm View Event
Lemoncello 17/11/2023 8:30pm View Event
Monthly Comedy Nights: Best of Irish Comedy 27/09/2023 8:00pm 25/10/2023 8:00pm 29/11/2023 8:00pm View Event
Sláinte Theatre: Heads or Tales? Scratch Night 28/09/2023 7:30pm 26/10/2023 7:30pm 30/11/2023 7:30pm View Event
The Daughters of Róisín 23/11/2023 2:00pm 23/11/2023 8:00pm View Event

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