Why Volunteer

Our volunteers make what we do possible.

We aim to match your commitment as a volunteer by working towards an environment of mutual respect between all parties, which recognises the invaluable contribution our volunteers make to the work of the LIC.

Why do we involve volunteers?

  • To assist us in accomplishing our mission
  • To increase our involvement with the local community
  • To enhance connections within our community
  • To benefit from the skills and experience of our volunteers
  • To offer volunteers new skills and experiences
  • For volunteers to become advocates for the London Irish Centre in local communities

Why Volunteer?

As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to improve volunteers’ wellbeing. It is human nature to feel good after helping another person. Volunteering can also help you gain new skills and experiences and boost your confidence.

If you’re interested in volunteering, here’s how to get started and some volunteering stories to inspire you.

  • In 2018/19, 19.4million (36%) people volunteered through a group at least once a year and over 11.9million (22%) of people did so at least once a month
  • The most common reason overall for volunteering is wanting to improve things or help people (42%)
  • In 2019/20, there were around 163,000 voluntary organisations in the UK, most of which rely on volunteers
  • In 2017/18, the voluntary sector contributed £18.2bn to the UK economy. This is equivalent to about 0.9% of GDP
  • 67% of volunteers give their time to charities and community groups, but many others also volunteer in the public and private sectors.

To learn more about volunteering, visit Volunteer’s Week.

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