How your gift helps

With your kindness, we can bring help, life-changing support, and connection

The waves of emigration that have formed the Irish community in Britain mean that there are now as many as six million people living in the UK with at least one Irish grandparent (including three out of four Beatles!). But it’s not all plain sailing, particularly in a large city such as London.

Irish people have contributed so much to London, and we are hugely proud of the community for, and by whom, the London Irish Centre was founded.

Now in our 67th year of providing an inspiring Irish welcome, we continue to support all ages and elements of our truly diverse community.

But our future will always rely on the community’s generosity through donations, support, and hard work. LIC simply could not continue to provide its vital community support services, cultural events, and craic without the generosity of community members.

How your money helps

£10 can help to reduce isolation through supporting a stable, warm befriending relationship with a vulnerable person

£25 could support our free helpline to assess and signpost people to expert physical and mental health care

£50 helps to combats loneliness through our community café, social groups and shared cultural events

£100 can help people who turn to us for information and advice to relieve poverty through access to benefits and housing support, crisis grants and legal advocacy

£500 could take fifty people isolated in the community on a fun day trip

£1,000 could support one month of our telephone helpline

£2,500 funds a special ‘thank you’ event for our tireless (number) volunteers

£5,000 could fund a digital project worker to preserve the oral histories of older Irish community members

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Help your child to learn

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