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THE SIX MARYS – New Irish Theatre

McNamara Seated    St Patrick's

14/03/2023 7:30pm , 14/03/2023 2:00pm , 13/03/2023 7:30pm

Back by popular demand: THE SIX MARYS at the London Irish Centre

When: Monday 13th March (Evening show at 7.30pm)
Tuesday 14th March (Matinee show at 2pm//Evening show at 7.30pm)

Tickets £15

After touring around Ireland and selling out three shows at the London Irish Centre last November, THE SIX MARYS are back. This play is a comical, yet poignant, look at life
from the 1950s to the present day telling the story of six girls christened

As the narrator, Jean reads from diaries spanning decades. The 1950s diaries tell of nuns, processions, gym slips and more. The 1960s diaries are about their search for Mr. Wonderful. In the 1970s diaries the Marys begin married life. 

Throughout the following decades the friends meet regularly. The Marys discuss the true realities of married life, rearing babies, children, teenagers and then life – when all have left home.

Eventually the six Marys realise that you make your own dreams come true.

Audience reviews:

"A truly joyous and wryly subversive show, Jean Farrell has tapped into some universal truths here that resonate far beyond Catholic Ireland. This is Father Ted from a female perspective, and, like that much-loved sitcom, manages to find the warmth in some chilling corners of living under the thumb of the church. Most importantly, The Six Marys is very, very funny which may explain seven full houses in The Whale Theatre." – Ross McParland Director of The Whale Theatre, Greystones, Dublin.

"That's my fifth time to see it – and I laughed just as much last night as I did the first time!! Your script really hits the spot- it is the story of all our lives!! Congratulations!!” – Bernadette, Dundrum

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