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The Seanchaí Project

Chapel Seated Theatre

15/04/2023 10:00am

What: Facilitated group-based discussions on different aspects of the experience of being Irish in 2023. This will focus on each of our lives in the present day but also how this has been affected by the past. 
Why: We hope to offer an opportunity to connect – to our home, to each other, and to our complex history, particularly with our neighbour England – and to make sense together of what we’ve lived through, and where that might lead us. Through becoming more aware of the Irish experience in London, we hope to come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of ourselves, as individuals and as a collective. 
Where: The Chapel at London Irish Centre, Camden 
When: 15th Apr

These sessions are open to anyone (over the age of 18 years) who has a relationship with being Irish and the many different ways that this shows up in the world. 
Book 15th Apr
For more Information: contact [email protected]

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