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Tea and Talk with Zoë Gilmour

Kennedy Hall   Community

26/09/2023 1:00pm , 03/10/2023 1:00pm , 10/10/2023 1:00pm , 17/10/2023 1:00pm

When? Tuesdays 1pm-4pm

Where? Kennedy Hall, London Irish Centre

How much? Free! 

Come and join Zoë Gilmour for a cuppa and a chat about your memories of your homes. 

Step back in time as you engage in exclusive one-on-one or small group dialogues focused on the home experiences of the 1950s through the 1970s. Whether you're a proud product of this era or simply intrigued by its unique charm, our drop-in sessions offer a unique opportunity to explore the homes and stories that defined a remarkable period in history.

Imagine sitting down with a warm cup of tea, as you share and reflect upon the distinctive home decor, household appliances, family customs, and heartfelt tales that shaped your life during these decades.

Our private gatherings provide a relaxed and welcoming environment for you to:

  • Discuss the fashion trends that adorned your homes, from shag carpets to mid-century modern furnishings.
  • Delve into the evolution of home technologies that may have been in your homes, from rotary phones to the early days of color television.
  • Share treasured memories of family gatherings, heirloom recipes, and the significance of home life in those days.
  • Explore the joys and challenges of a time marked by simplicity and genuine connections.

No appointments are necessary; just drop in to our Kennedy Hall whenever you're in the mood for a personal journey down memory lane. Connect with fellow aficionados who share your passion for the homes and experiences of the 1950s to the 1970s.

However, you can book a slot via this webpage. 

These workshops are made possible thanks to our partnership with the Museum of the Home. 

These workshops form the basis of our project to redevelop a gallery in the Museum of the Home that reflects the lived experience of Irish Migrants in the 1950s.

Image credit to Cora Murphy, whose work is part of our current exhibition 'Home' at the London Irish Centre. 

Zoë Gilmour is a London-based musician and artist and a vibrant workshop leader who is well-versed in engaging with people of all ages and abilities in arts, health, and education settings.  She has worked on many reminiscence and creative projects with places such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Age Uk, Jewish Care, The London Irish Centre, and Trinity Laban. 

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