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LILS presents: The Irish and the American Civil War

Virtual - Lectures hosted on Zoom

04/07/2023 7:30pm

Join the London Irish Lecture Series this Independence day to take a deep dive into the Irish in the American Civil War. 

Where? Online – virtual lecture hosted on Zoom. We will email the link to you the day before the event. 
When? This evening lecture will be at 7:30pm 
What if I miss it? 
We will record the talk and email the link to you within 24 hours. It will be available to watch for two weeks. 

The history of the American Civil War is inextricably linked with the
Irish people. Hundreds of thousands of Irish volunteers signed up to
fight and die in ‘Mr. Lincoln’s War’. Irish Regiments fought bravely for
both North and South, with emerald green banners always finding
themselves in the midst of the thickest fighting of the war. Irish sailors
crewed both the Union Navy and Confederate commerce raiders. Irish
businesses supplied both sides in the war, often risking life and limb
to run the Union blockade. All the while Ireland watched as Britain
and the United States nearly went to war, and prayed for American
support in the cause of Irish freedom. This is the story of the Irish in
the American Civil War, told to us on the 160th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Our speaker is Darrell Rivers, a historian and presenter specialising in the
American Civil War and the Crimean War. He works as a historical
advisor for TV & film and a consultant for various historical projects in
the US and Britain. Born and raised in California, he annually hosts the
largest Civil War reenactment event in the Western US in Huntington
Beach, California, often portraying an officer of the Irish Brigade.
Darrell has roots in Kildare and currently lives in London with his wife
Thea. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
Darrell has a YouTube channel called the Ministry for History, and is
known on Instagram & elsewhere as 

Darrell recommends these books as extra reading for anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the topic: 
A World On Fire by Amanda Foreman 
The Irish General by Paul R. Wylie

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