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LILS presents: The Guinness Pub Concept

Virtual - Lectures hosted on Zoom

20/07/2023 1:10pm

Join us for a lunchtime dive into the world of Irish Pub Design. 

Grab your lunch, settle down, and be prepared to never look at some pubs the same again! 

Where? Online – virtual lecture hosted on Zoom. We will email the link to you the day before the event. 
When? This Lunchtime lecture takes place at 1:10pm
What if I miss it? 
We will record the talk and email the link to you within 24 hours. 
It will be available to watch for two weeks. 

PhD Candidate Tracey Dalton, lecturer of BA Interior Design for Dublin School of Art & Design, with be taking us on a journey through her latest research. 

Her research primarily focuses on the Irish pub as an exported commodity.
She will focus this talk on the ‘Guinness Irish Pub Concept’, which was created in 1992 by Guinness and McNally Design/Irish Pub Company. Within five years of being created, the Guinness Pub Concept became internationally successful and contributed to changing perceptions of Irish identity. The Irish Pub Company (IPC), which is a Dublin-Based interior design firm, has now designed over 2000 pubs and built over 700 outlets in over 60 countries worldwide. 

With her roots firmly in interior design, Tracey will take us on a retrospective reflection of the practices which contributed to the design and process of marketing the Irish pub for export. She builds on existing
literature that centers on the reimagining and commodification of Irish national identity, particularly in the
1990-2009 era. 

About our speaker: 
Dalton is a lecturer on the BA Interior Design at TU Dublin School of Art &
Design. She has a background in Interior Design practice since 1998 and has
published on delivery, teaching and learning of Interior Design practice in the
Irish Journal of Academic Practice (2016) and ‘Iterations’ (2017). She is a PhD
candidate at Kingston University, London. Her PhD research concerns the
phenomenon of the Irish Pub for export as a commodity, focussing on the
‘Guinness Irish Pub Concept’, created in 1992 by Guinness and McNally
Design/Irish Pub Company, where Tracey worked in interior design practice from
1998 to 2005.

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