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Irish Language Course: Absolute Beginners (evening 2)

New class of 12

11/10/2022 7:00pm

What is it? An 8 week online Irish course (Level 1 of 4)

When is it? Tuesday 11thOctober at 7pm – 29th November 2022

Where is it? Online via Zoom

How long is it? 75 minutes

How much is it? £80 for 8 weeks

How do I register? Book via this page

Our virtual Irish Courses run for 8 weeks on Zoom. Classes last 75 minutes. You'll be sent a Zoom link the first day the class runs. Please keep this Zoom link safe as this will be the same for each class

Our Absolute Beginners 8-week course is for people with no prior experience of the Irish language. The aim of the course is to help students make their first steps into the Irish language. Students will be given a general introduction to the main features of Irish including grammar and pronunciation. The focus of this course will be on activating the language by and teaching simple everyday sentences. Topics will include introductions; saying where your from, saying what you do for work etc. Students will also learn about the three main dialects of Irish and other ways that the language influences Irish culture.

Teacher:  Niall Culligan