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Folk Singing: Sing in Irish

Class of 12

23/02/2023 6:30pm

Title: Folk Singing: Sing in Irish

Venue: Virtual Online

Thursday 23rd Feb

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Time: 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Cost: £66

How to book: Book via this page

Who is this
course intended and suitable for?

Non-native Irish speakers,
people with little or no Irish or with Irish. It is suitable for singers with a
range of singing and musical experience. All songs will be manageable for a
non-native Irish speaking tongue. You need to be able to sing in tune and in
time, but you do not need to be able to read musical notation, as tunes will be
learned by ear. All Gaelic will be phonetically spelt out and attention will be
paid to correct pronunciation.


Songs will draw from the
vast and rich repertoire of songs from the Gaelic language tradition. The
course will cover vocal techniques related to Irish folk singing. You will
learn a new song by ear each week with lyrics provided after first learning the
tune, ornamentation, and interpretation. You will develop musical skills
through learning by ear, develop an understanding of different genres and
styles of Gaelic folk song, demonstrate some understanding of ornamentation,
use of tone, phrasing and variation. The class will begin with vocal warm-ups,
vocal and breathing techniques appropriate to folk singing. You will receive
tutor critique and feedback, and advice on researching songs for further

Teacher: Allison Sleator 

Allison tries to capture the sometimes plaintive and candid
qualities of traditional, folk and contemporary music in her work. She is an
avid collector of songs from around the globe, singing the tunes she’s amassed,
while also composing her own body of work.

She has collaborated with legendary figures such as
world-renowned producer, composer and bouzouki player, Donal Lunny, founder of
historic folk bands; 'Moving Hearts', 'Planxty', and 'The Bothy Band'. She has
performed on stage with the globally celebrated Irish band, 'The Chieftains'
and acclaimed songwriter, Declan O’Rourke, among others.

She recently featured on London-based band, 'Crystal Fighters'
latest mix-tape album and was guest vocalist on London-based, Turner-nominated
artist and theorist collective, ‘The Otolith Group’s’ most recent work,
‘Infinity minus Infinity’, which was commissioned by the ‘Sharjah Architecture

Course dates: 

–  Thursday 23rd

–  Thursday 2nd

–  Thursday 9th

–  Thursday 16th

–  Thursday 23rd

–   Thursday 30th

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