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Feabhas – Enhancing Irish Skills (Improvers) – Online

Class of 12

08/10/2023 11:00am

Welcome to our eight-week Irish Class, Feabhas – Enhancing Irish Skills.

Feabhas in Irish means ‘Improvers’ and it's this course where you will start to build a bridge between the foundational basics and the deeper intricacies of the Irish Language. 

This class is designed for learners who have already grasped the essentials of Irish, may have completed the beginner's course previously, and are eager to take their language skills to the next level in a comfortable and supportive environment. 

This class will strike the perfect balance between challenge and comfort, ensuring that you can enhance your language abilities while feeling confident and motivated throughout the learning process.

Over the course of eight weeks, our teacher William Brady will guide you on a linguistic venture, where you will learn the basics of the Irish language. 

By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the confidence to engage in more advanced conversations, read authentic texts with comprehension, and express yourself creatively in writing.

If you're ready to take the next step on your Irish language journey and experience the beauty of intermediate-level proficiency, join our class and continue your adventure in a supportive and enriching environment. Your exploration of the Irish language and culture awaits!

Book your spot today and open the door to an authentic Irish adventure!

This course was previously called Improvers

Location: Online via Zoom. 

A link will be sent to you before the first session. 

Time: 11am

Length: 1hr 15minutes

Dates for this course are: 

October 8th 

October 15 

October 22nd

October 29th 

November 12th

November 19th 

November 26th

December 3rd

Why study with the London Irish Centre? 

Our language courses provide:

The Next Level of Language 

Advanced Vocabulary and Grammar: Expand your vocabulary and dive into more complex grammar structures, enabling you to express yourself with greater precision and depth. Engage in meaningful conversations that allow you to convey your thoughts with fluency.

Cultural Exploration

Language and culture are intertwined. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Irish culture, exploring ancient folklore, modern literature, and the significance of the Irish language in preserving the country's heritage by taking part in our vibrant cultural offering across the centre.

Conversational Practice

Language learning comes to life through conversation. As you journey through our courses, our experienced instructors will guide you through real-life scenarios, ensuring you're ready to hold conversations.

Customized Learning

We understand that every learner is unique. Our course adapts to your pace and learning style, ensuring that you grasp each concept before moving forward. With a focus on personalized attention, you'll receive the support you need to feel confident in your newly developing skills. This is heightened by our return to in-person classes!

Community Engagement

Join a community of fellow learners who share your passion for the Irish language and culture. We have a café and bar on site which allows mingling and chat to happen across your courses. 

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