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EXHIBITION – ‘This isn’t for you, it is for them’

London Irish Centre   Arts & Culture

06/09/2024 12:00am , 09/09/2024 12:00am , 13/09/2024 12:00am , 16/09/2024 12:00am , 20/09/2024 12:00am , 23/09/2024 12:00am , 27/09/2024 12:00am , 30/09/2024 12:00am

Date: 6th September – 6th October
Time: during our usual opening hours

What is it? 

This exhibition, ‘This isn’t for you, it is for them’ is an ongoing project. The aim is to show both myself and my work as authentically as possible.

It is a personal exploration of my own feelings of isolation and ostracisation, which I experienced growing up, due to my lack of conformity to gender norms and expectations. The work explores my feelings towards not fitting in, not being accepted, and not conforming. Through my work, I express my feelings of frustration, towards those who refuse to understand me, borne out of my personal experience.

The exhibition includes a collection of photographs and collages made over the last 4 years. The collages include my own words, extracted from old diaries or written as personal reflections.

This exhibition is a work-in-progress show which includes both complete and incomplete work.

Anna says:

I studied photography at the University of The West of England. Since graduating 4 years ago, I have continued to create work for my project ‘This isn’t for you, it is for them’.

I have worked with creative communities and run a number of photography workshops, introducing children to analogue photography. I have worked as a photographer and photo editor for Freestyle Bristol, a digital platform for young creatives and am currently the photographer for Assemblage, a youth collective based in London.

Instagram: @acunningphotos 
Email: [email protected]

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