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London Irish Centre

25/09/2023 10:00am , 29/09/2023 10:00am , 02/10/2023 10:00am , 05/10/2023 10:00am

Come and enjoy out latest free exhibition at the London Irish Centre. 

Open during our open hours, in our Hub area. 

Through a range of works by a variety of artists, the exhibition invites you to think about the concept of 'home' and its significance in your own life.

HOME represents our partnership with the Museum of the Home, where plans are underway to re-create a room in a London Irish Immigrants' house of the 1950s, in their gallery redevelopment next year.

London was the destination of many Irish people in the 1950s, in search of a new, better, life away from their Irish homes. Established in 1954, the London Irish Centre boasts a rich heritage associated with this migration period. We have provided guidance, support, and cultural uplift to Irish immigrants for over 70 years.

Archival photographs and postcards decorate the walls, showing the relationship immigrants have had with both London and Ireland.

The work of contemporary photographer Grayce Leonard weaves through these images of pioneering London settlers from the 1950s. In her way, Grayce, a first-generation migrant to London, adds a modern twist to the story, capturing her experience of home in Mayo during COVID-19.

Co-habiting with these works is a collection of prints and paintings by Irish artists. Their works are deeply rooted in the landscapes of Ireland and the aspects that the artists think of as 'Home'.

As you wander through this exhibition, allow yourself to be taken on an introspective journey that traverses time, inviting you to ponder what you consider to be the essence of home, and asks you to contribute your own thoughts, memories and photographs at various points.

This exhibition contains works by: 

Grayce Leonard: Website Instagram

Cora Murphy: Website Instagram

Emma Cownie: Website Instagram

Padraig McCaul: Website Instagram

Sandra Jonson: Website 

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